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Java Backend Developer at LinkResearchTools

Java Backend Developer (w/m)

We’re looking for a Java Backend Developer, who will join us in Software Development team and help us improve our product (LinkResearchTools) every day because we love to give our customers the best possible experience – to deliver WOWs.

Job Post Customer Service Trainee at LinkResearchTools

Customer Success Trainee / Kundeninnendienst (w/m)

Du bist der Mittelpunkt jeder Party, weil du alle so gut unterhältst.
Du hast auf jede Frage eine Antwort und liebst es, eine Lösung zu finden.
Manchmal denken die Leute du seist ein bisschen verbissen,
aber wir sehen das Genie in dir!

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We hire great people when we find them.

We know that talent can’t be restricted by some job offers.

We don’t want to neglect talented and motivated people who want to work with us just because there is no matching job description.

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If you love to work hard with a great team at a nice place, learn from the best in an exciting industry, and think you can make a difference. I want to meet you! To be able to evolve constantly, we are on the lookout for smart, talented and motivated people, who are willing to put their best ideas into our products.

Christoph C. Cemper

LinkResearchTools (LRT) is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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